When a Demon Showed Up in My Bedroom

When I was in my mid 20s, my best friend shared a story about Jim, a family friend who was a pastor. He’d spent much of his adult life as a missionary, travelling to some of the most remote and difficult places in the world and sharing the Gospel with people who had never even heard of Jesus.

One night, Pastor Jim woke up to a miniature tornado with lightning coming down through it. He thought he’d left his window open and that a storm was literally blowing through his bedroom. He stood up to turn the light on, so that he could close the window.

As he flicked the light switch, Pastor Jim noticed that the window wasn’t open at all. Instead, in the chair next to it sat Satan, with the storm swirling all around him. Over the decades, Pastor Jim had seen God move mountains, so with absolute confidence and without hesitation, he didn’t bat at eyelash before saying, “Oh, it’s just you.” He then turned off the light, climbed back into bed and went back to sleep.

When I first heard this story it terrified me! I was skeptical that it really happened that way and thought maybe Pastor Jim dreamed the experience. Nonetheless, it still scared the wits out of me.

Fast forward a few decades to my own similar experience. A few years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with an uneasy feeling that kept growing, as I went from groggy to fully awake. I was aware of weight against my back, which I assumed was my husband spooning me as he slept. It should have felt normal and comforting, but instead I felt anxious and afraid...and when I heard the clacking of my husband’s keyboard in the other room, I realized wasn’t my husband in bed with me. I’d gone to bed early, but he had stayed up for a late night game session. I was fully awake, yet I still felt someone, or something wrapped around me. The presence of evil was heavy and oppressive. It was alarming, it was overwhelming, and it was very, very real. A demon had showed up in my bedroom.

The fear was paralysing. But, at that moment I remembered Pastor Jim’s story. I finally understood why I’d heard it all those years ago, and that the power of the Holy Spirit is truly supernatural. If you believe in God, then you have to believe in Satan. If you believe in Good, then you have to believe in Evil. Those of us in first world countries often forget or downplay that the supernatural is as real as our physical world, but missionaries who have been to remote places will often say they have seen or experienced incredible things. While the ultimate victory is already won, praise God, the enemy is still fighting to take as many souls down with him as he can. The battle is going on all around us.

Thankfully, I’d heard Pastor Jim’s story all those years ago and knew to call upon the Holy Spirit. I pushed out the words, “In Jesus’ name, I rebuke you. Get out. Get out,” then began to pray. Immediately, the weight lifted off of me and the feeling of oppression disappeared.

I’m telling you this story from a place of victory. I hope I never have such an experience again, but the thought of it no longer strikes fear in me, like it did back then. It’s not that I don’t take the enemy seriously. I just know that I have an infinitely stronger weapon in the armor of God. I can take up the Sword of the Spirit and stand on His Word. There is no reason to fear because I serve a God who can and does move mountains.

I hope that the enemy never shows up in your bedroom, but if he does, may you be empowered by mine and by Pastor Jim’s stories. When you have the Holy Spirit, you have all you need. Satan has zero, zip, zilch, nada. The enemy has no choice but to flee in the presence of God. You can stand on that Truth.

Here's How I Know

The armor of God, described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 6:10-20 is our defense against the enemy. God provides 6 elements of armor, plus prayer to strengthen and prepare us for spiritual battles. Put your armor on daily and you'll be equipped for battle when the enemy attacks.

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